Part III: Where to Start When You Need a Miracle

Posted on 30-01-2016 , by: Dr. Tim. Hogan , in , 0 Comments

Resurrecting love is always possible, even when you need a miracle. After you break negative thought cycles and physical powerlessness there is another powerful action step for you to take: Surround yourself with people and relationships that energize you with love.  

Research is clear that the people around you are effecting you more powerfully than you realize. Being around positive and healthy people will make it much easier to resurrect love. Being around relationally wounded people will make resurrecting love seem almost impossible. Every person changes us. Our energy to love is even changed by the voices we read or hear on TV and radio. Everyone hits us with energy. Nobody is neutral. And so it is time to take an inventory of the impact the people in your life are having on your ability to love.  

At some level you know this. You can’t spend time with frustrated parents who wish they never had kids and expect to walk away inspired and more skilled as a parent. You can’t hang out with newly divorced friends who claim they love their freedom then expect to return to your partner encouraged and energized to fight for the marriage of your dreams.  

So, start surrounding yourself with as many positive and healthy people as you can find. If you are working on a parent/child relationship, find a way to hang out with great parents. If you are working on improving your relationship with your partner, then start scheduling time together with happy couples. There is no need to talk about your relationship while you are with them. Just soak up their energy and enjoy them. 

If you don’t know many healthy people, then it might be time to join that church or community organization. You can also expose yourself to inspirational people throughout the day. Rather than music or talk radio, for example, consider listening to spiritual music or an inspirational audio book.  

In short, resurrecting love requires energy. It has to come from somewhere. Start getting that energy this week from a few more positive and healthy people, and take a little break from those are probably making things worse. Have a great week! 


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