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Individuals who work with me should expect to expand self-awareness, awaken and transform desire, activate freedom, and learn necessary skills to make meaningful life change.

Relationships are painful. There is no way around it. Most couples fall into the trap of wasting time and energy suffering through the pain of a dying relationship, rather than suffering through the pain of giving birth to a great partnership. By working with me, couples can expect to stop wasting energy disconnecting and start using energy to:

  • Build safety and rediscover how deeply connected they already are
  • Create a partnership that leaves them healthy and makes other couples jealous
  • Form a legacy of healthy partnership for their kids.
  • Continually build each other up so that both partners can thrive in this tough world.


How to Get Started

    • 1. Fill out the consultation contact form below. I will process your message and send you a digital intake packet to be filled out before your first appointment.


    • 2. Digitally complete the intake packet at least a few days before our first session. This will give us both time to be adequately prepared. This will also help you get focused and clear about what you have and what you want.


    • 3. I will contact you to schedule our first session. Initial appointments are generally 1-3 hours long.


    • 4. Come to your first session ready to work! The first session will help you to untangle the riddles that get you stuck. If you’re coming for marital therapy, you will leave with a strategy to start rebuilding the safe and passionate relationship you both want.


Schedule My First Appointment

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