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Dr. Tim Hogan


Dr. Tim Hogan


How to Transform Any Relationship Without Talking About It (Part 4)

2 Comments , in Reflection, Valentines 2019

Do you want to know how to transform your relationship without talking about it? Then let me introduce you to Dr. Stan Tatkin, the third relationship scientist whose book, Love...


The Can’t-Miss Scientific Approach to Making Relationships Work (Part 3)

No Comments , in Reflection, Valentines 2019

Okay, enough of the touchy feely get-in-touch-with-your-childhood approach to making marriage work. It’s time for some hard science! About 40 years ago Dr. John Gottman, a brilliant social scientist, revolutionized...


The Harville Hendrix Game Plan for a Revolutionizing Marriage Makeover (Part 2)

1 Comment , in Reflection, Valentines 2019

Last week I told you about Dr. Harville Hendrix’ revolutionary discovery: Marriage partnership is a spiritual path that teaches us more about how to love than any book, lecture or...

Dr. Tim Hogan