Two Ways to Slow Down and Change Your Life

Posted on 01-10-2016 , by: Dr. Tim. Hogan , in , 1 Comments

Last week I shared with you how my medical scare helped me to wake up to the fact that the best things in life can only be experienced when we slow down. Now it’s time to share the two pivotal changes that have transformed my life and helped me get my groove  back.

First, we took charge of our calendar, prioritizing time for resting, napping, praying and recovering. Rather than treating our calendar like a suitcase, trying to pack in as much stuff as we could fit, my wife and I approached it like we were writing a symphony, creating movements of intense productivity, followed by movements of silence and rest. We scheduled  slow walks, a dance class, and days to hang out in the kitchen and slow-cook a gourmet meal.

Second, I simplified and restructured my weekly work schedule so that I have a better work-rest rhythm. For example, I shifted my hours on Mondays to start and finish a few hours later. Rather than rushing through my morning routine and battling rush hour traffic, I now have breakfast with my son, enjoy a cup of coffee with my wife and have more time reading,  praying and planning my schedule for the rest of the week with more intention.

These changes have been met with strong winds of resistance. This past weekend we declined an invitation to a dinner honoring a wonderful friend in our community. Why? Because we had already scheduled this weekend for slowing down. For recovery.

Now, rest, recovery, and slowing down is no longer the result of having nothing to do. Rest, recovery and slowing life down now happen regularly because I have learned that the best things in life can only be experienced when we intentionally and regularly slow down.

How about you? Does your life need more balance and rhythm? Why not take a few hours to take charge of your calendar and simplify your week. You can do this. Start now.

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  1. Tim, I was sorry to hear about your medical emergency but love hearing about how you have dealt with it. I love how the difficulties in life can be wonderful teachers. You suggestion of slowing down and having a rhythm is great. I tell myself I cannot deal with the demands of school and homework but there must be a way.

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