We know that this is hard.

It can be hard to feel like you’re thriving in this time of crisis. As we as a nation begin to prepare for life post-COVID-19, Dr. Tim Hogan and Mark Freier want to invite you to a webinar:

Now What? A Webinar with Dr. Tim Hogan and Marc Freier

These two different zoom webinars will each have some time for questions and answers:

For more information, watch the video below:

Dr. Tim Hogan is a psychologist, a relationship therapist and a certified yoga instructor. Mark Freier is an Executive Coach and author of The Choice to Show Up. They will look to offer different perspectives on what it looks like to thrive during this time of crisis, honor what is happening in each of us, and offer a map for the way out.

Join us this Thursday and learn more about how to:

  1. Notice and deal with your emotions.
  2. Thrive relationally when social contact is limited.
  3. Create a routine — whatever that might look like for you.